“Some believe photography is just only a shot or stopped moment or memory… For me, it is the history with its past, present, and future. All my pictures are created in that way. All my shots express different periods of my life. I simply tell a story”…  



Official Name: Anna Goguadze

Date of birth: 08.08.1987

Profession: a photographer

Early period: began by drawing stories and when felt lack of paper sheets began using films

Dislikes: any kind of manipulation in any sphere

Likes: positive, unselfish people

Real weak point: The Beatles!

Life style: music is inseparable part of life. Each real action can only be created only with right music accompaniment. The theatre is a different world, colored or sad, new or attracting, familiar or lovely reflected on a stage. A book is a ticket to travel through time and space to discover the destination site.

“Aniko” has a close person: Nodar Dumbadze

Happiness: when you have a goal and action plan, give free and generous smile to the universe, can see the sun and can share it to others.



2004 – Bar Gallery “Sakhli” (“House”) exhibition;

2004 – Photo competition “Photo Summer 2004”, awarded diploma for the best work in portrait genre;

2005 – Personal exhibition of pictures and computer graphic at Literary Café;

2006 – “The Sun Festival”, the author and organizer of the festival. The project has been launched on the International Children’s Day at “Mziuri” city since 1st of June 2006;

2007 – Photo competition “Me, Human Being”, awarded diploma for the best portrait of “a celebrity” – Giorgi Gvakharia’s portrait;

2008 – Personal exhibition “Cared Colored” at the Cinema “Amirani”;

2009 – Exhibition and action “Me – Ania” at Tbilisi Event Hall;

2010 – Photo exhibition “Fado”, music and photo experiment together with Nino Basharauli;

2011 – Social photo project “Became M-ine”;

2013 – Photo competition by UNFPA, program “Gender Equality Support in Georgia”, awarded diploma.